Mr. and Mrs. Mohan Babanrao Mankar had work hard from last 15 years and always tried to make something new. And they always come with some new things. Still now   with cheese, butter onion and tomato they had made 45 types of Dosa and Uttapa...

     Our Menu's

   Masala Dosa    Onion Masala Dosa
   Plane Dosa    Onion Plane Dosa
   Cut Masala Dosa    Onion Uttapa
   Masala Onion Uttapa (with Aloo)    Tamato Onion Uttapa
   Masala Tamato Onion Uttapa ( with Aloo)    Butter Masala Dosa
   Butter Onion Masala Dosa    Butter Plane Dosa
   Butter Onion Plane Dosa    Butter Cut Masala Dosa
   Butter Onion Uttapa    Butter Masala Onion Uttapa ( With Aloo)
   Butter Tamato Onion Uttapa    Butter Masala Tamato Onion Uttala (with Aloo)
   Cheese Masala Dosa    Cheese Onion Masala Dosa
   Cheese Plane Dosa    Cheese Onion Uttapa
   Cheese Masala Onion Uttapa (with Aloo)    Cheese Tamato Onion Uttapa
   Cheese Masala Tamato Onion Uttapa (With Aloo)    Butter Maisur Dosa
   Butter Spring Dosa    Cheese Maisur Dosa
   Cheese Spring Dosa    Butter Schezwan Dosa
   Butter Chocolate Dosa    Cheeses Shezwan Dosa
   Cheese Chocolate Dosa    Cheese Masala Dosa + Uttapa
   Butter Tomato Uttapa    Cheese Tomato Uttapa
   Maisur Masala Dosa    Shezwan Masala Dosa
   Spring Masala Dosa(Available in Butter &Cheese)    Pavbhaji
   Pulav    Sandwich
   Cheese Uttapa    Cold Coffee

Today's Hot

Cheese Tomato Onion Uttapa

From last 10 year from when Mr. Mankar Introduce this very new Uttapa to pune it is favorite of all Punekars who had this.

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Onion Uttapa

With some tomato and some Onion with crispy testy Dosa Mr. Mankar Came with an new thing.

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Masala Dosa

Eat healthy and stay healthy by saying this sentence they told People to eat good.

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